CYAN: Climate Dynamics Analysis from Data

CYAN Project:

The project concerns the study of the climate system starting with applying recently developed innovative perspectives for nonlinear dynamical analysis of geophysical data. The goal is to apply and interpret topological data analysis and complementary nonlinear techniques to understand and model the fundamental processes at play in direct or indirect observations and on a large span of time scales. In particular lessons learned from the study of the dynamics of the atmospheric flow at intra-seasonal and seasonal time-scales will be applied to better understand current limitations in the predictability of variables related to renewable energy production and to the development of proper strategies to quantify and reduce forecast uncertainty.

Project Goals:

Implementing and applying novel nonlinear data analysis methods to the study of climate dynamics and variability in South America and the South Atlantic, with a particular focus on seasonal climate variability, Lagrangian transport and renewable energy production.

Additional Information
Denisse Sciamarella
Principal Investigator
Intendente Güiraldes 2160
Ciudad Universitaria
Pabellón II - 2do. piso
(C1428EGA) Buenos Aires
TE: (54)(11) 5285-8467
Fax: (54)(11) 4788-3572

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