Kick off meeting of the UMI IFAECI

The kick off meeting of the UMI IFAECI (French Argentinean Institute for Climate Studies and Applications) is scheduled to be held at the CONICET building, Rivadavia Avenue 1917, Buenos Aires City. The meeting will take place from 4 to 5 November 2010.

The goal of the meeting is to review the existing cooperation between France and Argentina concerning climate issues, and establish how the UMI should help its organization and evolution.

The discussions will consider, among others, the followings items:

  • Observations, analysis and data assimilation in South America and surrounding oceans - including measurement techniques, and the link between measurements and model studies.

  • Inderstanding land-air-ocean processes in the region.

  • Atmospheric chemistry (tropospheric and stratospheric).

  • Challenges in the modeling of the climate of the region, articulation between global and regional perspectives.

  • Climate change scenarios and associated uncertainties in the region.

  • Climate Change impact in the region (La Plata Basin, central Andes, Southwestern Atlantic).

  • Socio-Economic aspects linked to climate evolution.

  •  La Plata estuary related processes.