Organized by
the French-Argentinean Institute for
the Study of Climate and its Impacts

Buenos Aires, 3rd - 4th August, 2018
Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (UBA)

Objectives of the Workshop:

The main objective of this Workshop is to promote an exchange of knowledge between distinct areas of science on changes observed (or expected under a climate change scenario) in the SW Atlantic Ocean region (Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil), based on observations, projections and relevant research programs on the subject.
The study about how the climate impacts the ocean and the regional marine fisheries and species, as well as related socioeconomic implications, requires an integrating perspective with the collaboration of experts from different disciplines (meteorology, physical oceanography, fisheries, marine biology/ecology, climate change and fisheries, etc.) and from the distinct countries.

It is expected to initiate an international cooperation in distinct lines of investigation aimed to evaluate: how climate changes are affecting the ocean (physics, biology, ecology) and how these changes are impacting important regional fisheries resources as well as the associated socio-economic sectors. It is clear that only with such combined knowledge, an adequate fisheries management may anticipate, mitigate and plan the necessary adaptations.

  Scientific Committee:
Dr. Marcelo Acha (INIDEP - IIMyC, Argentina) and
Dr. Maria Gasalla (University of São Paulo, Brazil).

Dr. Bárbara Franco (IFAECI, Argentina)
Dr. Claudia Simionato (Director IFAECI, Argentina)
  Organizing Committee:
Dr. Bárbara Franco (IFAECI, Argentina)
Dr. Claudia Simionato (Director IFAECI, Argentina)
Dr. Maria Gasalla (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

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