Short description of the main scientific results of the project

  • Development of a novel nonlinear data analysis method called ‘templex’ for the study of climate dynamics and variability, with a particular focus on seasonal climate variability, Lagrangian transport and renewable energy production. Extension of the deterministic method to a stochastic framework.
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Research visit & Workshop

  • 2021 Research visit: Christophe Letellier & Sylvain Mangiarotti visit IFAECI. The templex approach is developed during their visit. The FCEN was not open at the time because of the pandemic. We were kindly hosted by FIUBA.
  • 2022 Final CYAN Workshop: On November 14-15, 2022 Final Project Workshop at Centro de Investigaciones del Mar y la Atmósfera (CIMA)
CLIMAT-AmSud, CYAN Missions'

Senior investigators’

  • Christophe Letellier (CORIA, PR)
    Objective : develop templex;
    Bs As, December 2021, 10 days
  • Sylvain Mangiarotti (CESBIO, IRD )
    Objective : develop templex; Buenos Aires, December 2021, 10 days
  • Axel Osses
    Objective : research mission, Buenos Aires,
    April 2022, 7 days
  • Rafael Terra
    Objective : final workshop; Buenos Aires, December 2022, 3 days
  • Emilio Bianchi
    Objective : final workshop; Buenos Aires, December 2022, 3 days
  • Tomás Guodzen
    Objective : final workshop; Buenos Aires, December 2022, 3 days
  • Students’ missions:

  • G. D. Charó (Post-doctoral position)
    Mission to France to work at LMD with Michael Ghil and to participate of the EGU meeting
  • J. C. Bonel (PHD student)
    Mission to Chizé to work with C. Guinet and start co-tutelle with the Université de la Rochelle
  • Alejandra de Vera (PhD Student)
    Mission to Buenos Aires to visit Juan Ruiz and attend de final Workshop
  • G. D. Charó (Post-doctoral position)
    Mission from Paris to Vienna for EGU conference
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