Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 15 - 18, 2012


Presentations also availables in: ftp://ftp.cima.fcen.uba.ar/pub/DADA 

Conference Presentations
   Detection and Atribution an Outlook  pdf
 Claudia Tebaldi
   Climate change detection and attribution methods  ppt
 Francis Zwiers
   Data Assimilation: An Outlook  pdf
 Michael Ghil
   Data Assimilation: Methods, Concepts and Challenges  pdf
 Alberto Carrassi
   Data Assimilation-based parameter estimation schemes  pdf
 Juan Ruiz
   Model error and covariance estimation in DA  pdf
 A. Carrassi
   Covariance estimation and model error in D&A  pdf
 Aurelien Ribes
   Reconstruction of tropospheric emissions  pdf
 Marc Bocquet
   Reconstruction of stratospheric fluxes  pdf
 Manuel Pulido
   Sequential estimation: Kalman and particle filters  pdf
 Philippe Naveau
   DA-based Detection: Paleoclimate reconstruction  pdf
 Francis Zwiers
   DA-based Attribution: Stratospheric cooling  pdf
 Alexis Hannart