Computing Capability:  

Computing capabilities are a strategic need for the Unit, as weather and climate simulations, both oceanic and atmospheric, on which much of our research is based, require powerful computers.

Nowadays IFAECI's current computing facilities are based on a refrigerated and monitored Servers Room that is located at CIMA.

It is protected by a central UPS system and automatic temperature monitoring systems that includes:

  1. A HPC with 1136 processors with MPICH2 1.4.1p1 (parallelization libs), Torque 3.0.3 (queues) and Connectivity: 1000 Mbps.
  2. Two separate Networks for central services and Project servers, totaling 74 servers.
  3. Massive data storage systems with a total capacity of 330 terabytes.
  4. High-speed internet service, for transfers and connections abroad, supported by a structured voice and data network according to current needs and technological advancement.
    The high speed internet service is provided by the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (UBA) and with Internet access II (Advanced Networks, InnovaRed).

In 2019, and within the framework of a project of the National Agency for Scientific Promotion of Argentina in collaboration with the Argentina National Meteorological Service of the FONARSEC financing line, a grant for US $ 200,000 was obtained that allowed the acquisition of a new HPC cluster.
Our institute is growing rapidly and is a leader in our fields of investigations. Each year, more and more researchers, post-docs and PhD students join our IFAECI. Given that Argentina is far from reaching the critical mass of researchers needed in our areas, we believe that we must maintain this growth. Each year, our on-site policy is to do our best to upgrade our HPC resources without which we would be able to be competitive and reach our scientific goals. This is achieved from the convergence of the efforts of the researchers of the Unit, when applying for different lines of financing, and the contribution of money for the operation of our mother institutions.

News about CIMA HPC Cluster:  

  • The CIMA High Performance Computing (HPC) resource will be improved to have 1520 cores and 3.5 TB of total RAM, three times current computing capacity.
  • In 2019, within Argentina National Agency for Scientific Promotion project framework, in collaboration with the Argentina National Meteorological Service (SMN) and FONARSEC financing line, a grant for US$200,000 was obtained that allowed the acquisition of a new HPC system.
  • In 2019 a €20,000 24-port high-speed infiniband switch was incorporated to improved the HPC resource communications. Acquired with operating funds provided by Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD); so both the principal & secondary nodes are interconnected at 100Gbps speed with the storage system.
  • A new €6,000 data storage system with high capacity disks was acquired with funds provided by Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnicas (CONICET) . It is being implemented.
    The storage system will be made up as a set of dedicated equipment, with CEPH distributed storage technology. The initial configuration will be three integrated storages with a total installed capacity of 576TB.
  • In addition to the main node, pre-processing and post-processing servers will also be available to users, which will be connected to the same infiniband network that integrates the cluster with direct access to mass storage. These €10,000 pre&post processing servers will have 128Gb of RAM and 32 Cores each; it is planned to acquire them with operating funds provided by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in the current year 2020.


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